Preliminary field graphics

These are very interesting preliminary field graphics. The problem is much simpler if one uses

omega sub 0 = m c squared / (2 pi h bar)

This is a universal constant and a very interesting quantity. Using this ensures that del A = 0 and curl A = 0. The idea of using omega = – c / r was intended to be a preliminary result, and as we see, it introduces complications that can be avoided completely using omega sub 0 as above. You have also shown with computer algebra that omega sub 0 = – c / r is incorrect, so it should simply be discarded in favour of the above universal constant, the rest frequency in hertz of the vacuum particle. With these adjustments the theory does indeed give the interaction of the electric dipole field with spacetime. This is of key importance for energy from spacetime (or aether or vacuum).

Sent: 13/08/2017 20:19:16 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Preliminary field graphics

I graphed the vector fields. I am not sure if the results are all
correct, there are sharp divergences in some cases. Indeed the
divergence and curl of the A fields do not vanish. This should be
analyzed further. In a very optimistic interpretation we perhaps have
found the permanent interaction of a dipole with the vacuum.

Fig.1: vector E field and scalar potential (identical to 2nd omega_0),
Fig.1a: same as Fig. 1 with normalized flow vectors
Fig.2: vector A field of spin connection -c/r
Fig.2a: same as Fig. 2 with normalized flow vectors
Fig.3: vector A field of spin connection -c/r*cos(theta)
Fig.3a: same as Fig. 3 with normalized flow vectors
Fig.4: vector spin connection of Fig. 3
Fig.4a: same as Fig. 4 with normalized flow vectors

I am concerned that in Figs. 3 and 4 there is a strong “confluence” on
the X axis. For the vector spin connection this may be allowed but not
for the A potential.


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