Empathy pays off – literally

High Emotional Intelligence can earn you $29,000 more

A high EQ is enriching in many ways
Dear Sean,

Have you lost your temper this morning? Blown up at a colleague or been caught in a tactless moment? If so, then you should immediately work on your emotional intelligence! It’s worth it, literally. Managers who have a higher EQ earn about $29,000 more per year than their colleagues without an emotional radar.

But there is a catch – and a very important one. Check the Experteer Magazine to see how you measure up and how you can get closer to that salary bump!

Secure your next great career opportunity with these Premium-Advantages:
  • Receive access to exclusive senior positions
  • Become a Premium Member and receive up to 5x more contact requests
  • Learn more about the headhunters who visit your profile
  • Receive a comprehensive CV analysis, free of charge
Discover Premium today
Wishing you career success,
Ihr Experteer Team
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