Immediate International Interest in UFT382 and UFT383, New ES Circuits

As can be seen from the early morning report today there is immediate interest in these new circuits, I expect that many such circuits will proliferate very quickly over the next few years. The interest in the ECE2 papers is at a record high level, every one of the seventy papers and books to date being read every day. The daily report gives details of the interest. It is clear that the inclusion of a paragraph on circuits in ECE2 will generate a lot of interest. The interest in PECE and CEFE for July 2017 is also intense. It is clear that tens of thousands of electronic engineers are following the site, as well as hundreds of thousands of physicists and chemists. This morning’s report shows interest by the Royal Society of Chemistry in the Self Charging Inverter paper (SCI) by Osamu ide, and there is also a lot of interest in the replication paper UFT364, and in UFT311, where the Osamu Ide circuit is explained precisely with the use of ECE spin connections. This gives precise experiemntal proof of the existence of the spin connection in electrodynamics. The obsolete Maxwell Heaviside theory of the standard physics cannot explain any of these circuits, which could make wind turbines obsolete overnight.

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