Wind 1.19%, 1 – 10 mph, Wales 1 – 6 mph, 0711 local time

Wind power has collapsed to essentially zero today, it is a joke at 1.19%. Its extreme intermittency is an insurmountable problem. The wind speed in the Betws area is now 5 mph, so the derelict turbines are producing nothing as usual. So there is an urgent need to demolish wind turbines and build tidal, LENR and ES power stations that would easily produce 100% of electricity need in the British Isles. The Pulsed LENR report by Doug Lindstrom has been read at Texas Tech recently and low energy nuclear reactors are completely accepted. We have proven Energy from Spacetime (ES) in UFT311, UFT321 and UFT364. There is no obstacle to ES power stations using millions of Ide circuits as many as it takes to power up the second industrial revolution. Solar is negligible at 2.51%, hydro is a pathetic joke at 0.51%. Under windless conditions with cloud cover, this type of renewable is totally useless. The real power is still produced by gas, nuclear and coal, producing gross pollution.

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