FOR POSTING: Book of Sceintometrics Vol. 2, 30/6/17 Record High Interest …

Thanks again!

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Updated volume two today

On 7/2/2017 1:54 AM, EMyrone wrote:

For combined sites and for June 2017 there were 27,286 distinct visits, 143,744 hits, 31.24 gigabytes downloaded, and 3,248 documents read off from 108 countries, led by: USA, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, France, Czech Republic, Canada, India, Turkey, Romania, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, Moldova, Argentina, Australia, Netherlands, Japan, Britain, ……… There was a record high interest in the ECE2 series of papers and books (UFT313 to UFT379 to date). They are currently being read at the rate of 61,174 times a year off combined sites. The quality of interest from universities, institutes and similar in June 2017 was as usual the best in the world. From the world’s top twenty universities there were consultations as follows. The * denotes multiple consultations: MIT*, Princeton, Oxford*, Washington, Imperial*, Tokyo, Berkeley*, Stanford and Johns Hopkins Medical. Combined sites pages per month per member of staff are probably the best in the world. we have two regular authors, Dr. Horst Eckardt and myself, sometimes joined by Dr. Douglas Lindstrom, Dr. Gareth John Evans, Co President of AIAS, and Trevor Morris, with occasional contributions from others. The voluntary international support staff are: Dave Burleigh of Arizona, CEO of Annexa Inc., Sean MacLachlan of Boise Idaho, owner of, Alex Hill of Mexico City, owner of www.et3m, and Robert Cheshire. The attached comparative impact table shows that we are the best research and cultural institution in Wales, being the best in the world in many respects. We out impact the Welsh Assembly, the National Museum, the National Library, Yr Eisteddfod Genedlaethol (National Eisteddfod), the National Botanical Gardens, the Dylan Thomas Centre and so on. All these have much larger staff numbers, especailly Aberystwyth and Bangor which have thosands of staff and hordes of students. So the fair measure of impact is page views per month per staff member. This puts us way out in front. We are also an ambassador for the Welsh language in up to 182 countries, through my Autobiography and Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry, being read 24,017 times a year in both languages. There is strong support for the Welsh language and Welsh speakers all over the world. UNESCO for example is critical of the tory colonization and anglicisation of Wales and its destructive effects on the Welsh language. Many congratulations to the staff, who have forged a new physics, a new method of high quality distance teaching, and research publication over fifteen years of voluntary work.

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