Discussion of Note 380(1)

Agreed with the sign changes, which I have incorporated in the note. In Eqns. (2) and (3), the integration method in immediately preceding UFT papers is used, with omega sub X and omega sub Y as variables or input parameters. The idea is to produce a precessing ellipse from Eqs. (2) and (3). Using a two variable least means squares method, (NAG routine for example), the orbit obtained from Eqs. (1) and (2) is fitted to the orbit obtained in UFT378. For an elliptical orbit, omega sub X and omega sub Y are zero. In general omega sub X and omega sub Y are functions of t, X, and Y. Having found omega sub X and omega sub Y, and X and Y for the precessing orbit, Eqs. (5), (6) and (18) are used to find omega sub 0, Q sub X and Q sub Y for the precessing orbit. These are three simultaneous equations in three unknowns. That is one typical method of solution.

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There seem to be further sign changes required in the note, but without changing the principle results, in eqs. (26,27,31,32,34,37).
Eqs. (2,3,5,6,18) depend on Q, omega and additionally on X, Y so that these are 5 equations with 7 unknowns. X and Y are orbits X(t), Y(t) while omega, Q are fields in dependence of (X,Y) because spatial derivatives appear for these fields. It is not so clear for me if such a kind of equations is meaningful.


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This analysis introduces consideration of the gravitomagnetic field and considers the Newtonian and zero and counter gravitational limits. Any experimental claims of counter gravitation can be analyzed straightforwardly with ECE2 theory.

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