Discussion of note 379(8)

Agreed with this, and the paper was based on this note, Note 379(7) not being used. This is an interesting comment on antigravity and can be used in Section 3 of UFT379.

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Sent: 22/06/2017 16:50:38 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: note 379(8)

In the Newtonian limit from (14,15) follows that

X dot dot = – Q_X dot
Y dot dot = – Q_Y dot

In this case Q is the inverse of the particle velocity v. This seems not
to be compatible with the considerations in note 7.
However for antigravity this seems to be a good conditions, because in
the case

bold v = – bold Q

The particle is held at rest (or in a linear motion) by the field
potential Q, i.e. is free of gravity in a gravitational field. This
means that

X dot dot = 0
Y dot dot = 0

This condition is met if bold omega is chosen as in eqs.(27,28) (without
factor MG).


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