The Role of Torsion In Geometry

This is fundamental, as many papers of the UFT series show. The obsolete standard model tried to remove torsion by arbitrarily asserting a symmetric connection. If this is done, UFT99 and the various proofs based on that paper, show that the Einsteinian theory collapses entirely. There have been no objections to any of the proofs which show that this fact is irrefutable. If torsion is forced to zero, curvature also vanishes. The same geometry is used in AIAS / UPITEC as in chapter three of Sean M. Carroll, “Spacetime and Geometry: Introduction to General Relativity”. This shows clearly that ECE2 cannot be refuted on the grounds of geometry. It can only be refuted by comparison with experimental data. UFT354 by Lindstrom, Eckardt and Evans, shows clearly that if torsion is taken into account, the metric compatibility method used by Einstein collapses completely. Cartan pointed this out to Einstein in the twenties. There are by now at least eighty three ways in which Einsteinian general relativity is refuted by the UFT papers. Since ECE uses the same geometry exactly as Sean Carroll, chapter three, it is clear that personal attacks on the use of this geometry are also grossly irrational personal attacks on anyone who uses the same geometry. These include personal attacks by Wikipedia, now long forgotten. Attacks on geometry are completely futile. That is why I chose to base the theory on geometry. Dark matter has been abandoned and the latest theory, such as that described in UFT377 and UFT378, has also abandoned Einsteinian general relativity. ECE was fifteen years ahead of this development.

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