379(5): Conditions for Counter Gravitation in ECE2 Theory

Starting from the first Maurer Cartan structure equation (1), a new method is devised to remove its well known internal a and b indices to give Eq. (14), whose antisymmetry law is Eq. (16). Antisymmetry is a fundamental property of the torsion two-form, as is well known. This method produces the electric field strength E (Eq. (32), with antisymmetry constraint (35). These equations are in precise agreement with UFT303, “The Engineering Model “. The acceleration due to gravity is given by Eq. (41), with antisymmetry constrain (42). In consequence g can be defined by Eqs (43) and (44). Counter gravitation is produced by Eq. (55), a condition on the spin connection vector of spacetime or the aether. This is equivalent to the condition. (56) on the Q vector. Zero gravitation is produced by conditions (54) and (59). The extra force introduced by the Q vector of spacetime (or aether) is F = m partial Q / partial t. So Q has the units of velocity, an aether velocity. The various experiments that are claimed to produce counter gravitation. There is no scientific reason to reject these claims if they are reproducible and repeatable, and they can be explained straightforwardly using these equations. They are all derived from the well known first Maurer Cartan structure equation, T = D ^ q in minimal notation. Once it is known how to engineer the spin connection or Q vector, by fitting a given experimental result, apparatus for counter gravitation can be designed and optimized using the computer. For the ultra important energy from spacetime we have already gone through this exercise in UFT311, UFT321 and UFT364. The Osamu Ide circuit of those papers is patented in several countries, and is reproducble and repeatable. It has been understood with complete precision by the ECE theory by fitting spin connections. Note carefully that the spin connection and Q vectors do not exist in Newtonian gravitation. The gravitational field equations obtained from the ECE2 theory are generally covariant, they are Lorentz covariant in a space with finite torsion and curvature. This property is known as ECE2 covariance. In the preceding paper UFT378 it has been shown that the ECE2 covariant lagrangian and field equations can produce both forward and retrograde precessions. The Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) unified field theory (named in honour of Einstein and Cartan) is three hundred and sixty eight variations on a theme of entirely standard and well known Cartan geometry. It cannot be refuted theoretically without refuting this well accepted Cartan geometry. A theory can always be refuted by comparison with experimental data, the Baconian method. Then the theory must be refined. ECE2 is capable of infinite refinement and is the twenty first century’s avant garde physics. By now this claim of mine is almost unanimously accepted worldwide by leading thinkers. We see this precisely and objectively with the most detailed scientometrics ever collated for a major paradigm shift – van der Merwe’s “post Einsteinian paradigm shift”.


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