Summary by AIAS Co President Gareth Evans

This is an eloquent summary as humankind drives itself to the edge of extinction, and not for the first time for any veteran of the Cuban missile crisis. AIAS / UPITEC effectively acts as an advisor for many governments through combined sites and , in association with There was a spike of interest yesterday on the blog. AIAS / UPITEC has already solved the problem of energy form spacetime using the Osamu Ide circuit of UFT311, where precise agreement was obtained between ECE theory and experimental data. The circuit was replicated exactly in UFT364. We have also solved the problem of counter gravitation using the same theory. It is a matter of implementing the theory via choice of spin connections. The standard model dogma is in tatters and has been left far behind. In many areas of physics and engineering that dogma produced nothing, a complete waste of time and money.

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Subj: Re: 379(1): Counter Gravitation and the Faraday Cage Gyroscope Experiment

This is another very good summary that reminds the reader of what has been achieved. The whole of physics is unified in a consistent way for the first time and this exposes the misconceptions and inaccuracies in the standard approach. This is a remarkable achievement in a relatively short space of time by a “not so humble” chemist. Less than 400 papers to rewrite physics and lay the foundations for a new era built on new sources of clean energy and transport that should not poison the planet.Time well tell if this will influence and change the self destructive tendencies of the human race.

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Subject: 379(1): Counter Gravitation and the Faraday Cage Gyroscope Experiment

This is the first note of the three hundred and seventy ninth paper of ECE and ECE2 theories (Einstein Cartan Evans unified field theory). These papers and books have been prepared since March 2003. This note derives field potential realtions (17) and (18) for the electric field strength E and the acceleration due to gravity g. The ECE wave equations for electromagnetism (Eq. (24)) and gravitation (Eq. (41)) are used to define the electromagnetic and gravitational scalar potentials in terms of the scalar curvature R of the ECE wave equations in in Eqs. (34) and (54) respectively. The electromagnetic and gravitational Euler Bernoulli equations are derived from the respective ECE wave equations, and are given by Eqs. (39) and (45) respectively. At the well known Euler Bernoulli resonance the electromagnetic and gravitational scalar potentials can become infinite. This is the key point for counter gravitational apparatus design. Since all forms of energy are interconvertible, an oscillating electromagnetic driving force can be used to produce an infinite gravitational potential. Engineering the correct sign of the potential gives counter gravitation from rigorous principles of ECE and ECE2 theory. The electromagnetic and gravitational Lorenz conditions are used in a new guise in Eqs. (29) and (51) respectively. This allows new insight to gauge theory and the Aharonov Bohm effects. So gauge theory becomes consistent with Cartan geometry. Modern physics is to a large extent based on gauge theory. The ECE2 antisymmetry laws are used together with the particular solutions (13) to (16). The structure of the theory is rigorously self consistent from 2003 to present. There are three hundred and seventy nine variations on a theme of Cartan geometry, the two Maurer Cartam structure equations and various identities of geometry. Three new identities have been discovered since 2003: the Evans identity for Hodge dual forms (an example of the Cartan identity); the Evans torsion identity (UFT109) and the Jacobi Cartan Evans identity of UFT313. In UFT354, Doug Lindstrom, Horst Eckardt and I show that tosion completely changes the now obsolete metric compatibility theory used by Einstein. These advances are known by the appellation “post Einsteinian paradigm shift”, a phrase coined by the eminent physics editor Prof. Emeritus Alwyn van der Merwe of Denver University, Colorado, U. S. A.

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