API Update

Yes. Let’s go for the monthly payment option.


On May 23, 2017, at 11:57 PM, Sean MacLachlan <sean> wrote:

Regarding building an API. I did some research. It looks like there is a standard way and toolset for creating an API that tech companies are forming around.

Using the SwaggerHub toolset around the Open AI specification.They have a free account which I’ve created but I think we’ll want to upgrade to a paid premium account for a month or two.

Reasons for a paid account:

  1. Privacy, the free account leaves your API visible to the general public.
  2. Collaboration, if Riafox or Pete gets involved for the website then multiple users are allowed.
  3. Premium account will setup and integrate automatically with Amazon so we can get up and running faster.
  4. Premium account syncs with our GitHub account so our code is automatically backed up.

I think the paid account is only necessary while we’re actively developing the API.
Once the creation work is done we won’t need the paid account anymore.
The API will incur new monthly expenses.
Using AWS Lambda which syncs with the premium account we only pay per use of the API, there are no fixed monthly expenses.
The pricing for AWS Lambda looks really cheap. It would likely be free for us until we had many hotel users.

Are we ok with getting a SwaggerHub paid account and using AWS Lambda?


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