Background to Counter Gravitation

Many thanks for these background papers. I took a post graduate course in scientific German so can get along fairly well, I agree that English is the international language for science. My first language is British Celtic (Welsh), with some knowledge of French and Latin. I know that in certain Cantons they speak with a steep up and down accent similar to the Alps. Some place names like “Thun” are easy to understand, it is “Dun” in modern Welsh, meaning an oppidum or fort. The model for experiments should in my opinion parallel UFT311, UFT321, UFT364, where the Osamu Ide circuit was explained precisely with ECE, all the circuit details given, and the circuit replicated as in UFT364. Finally it was successfully patented by Osamu Ide in several countries. So that builds up industrial confidence. A counter gravitational device should be patented so that there is industrial confidence in it. In my opinion we have the most advanced understanding of counter gravitation yet devised. In the Faraday cage experiment the ECE2 field equations of electromagnetism and counter gravitation can both be used. I can pencil it in for UFT379 after we finish the current UFT378 on forward and retrograde orbital precessions. If the experiment is carried out under well controlled conditions, then replication can take place in another laboratory as usual. Counter gravitational theory is also developed in UFT319. NASA and ESA should become intersted in any positive result. Laithwaite’s ideas were developed in Japan and South Korea, where there are railway systems working on his ideas. ECE and ECE2 rigorously conserve energy momrntum and charge current density but nevertheless succeed in explaining Laithwaite.

In a message dated 24/05/2017 00:40:35 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Liebe Agatha, lieber Siggi,

(in der Schweiz spricht man ja Deutsch, und ich bleibe mal bei den Vornamen)

ich finde es sehr nett von Ihnen, dass Sie das AIAS-Institut (samt Myron Evans

und einigen Artikeln) auf der Quantumgravity-Webseite zitieren.

Können Sie mich ein wenig über den Hintergrund Ihrer Tätigkeit aufklären?

Betreiben Sie diese Alternativ-Wissenschaft privat oder gehören Sie einer Organisation an?

Dear Horst,

I am very happy to hear from you.

I trust that your recent tour was a success.

Thank you very much for all your messages.

Much appreciated.

And thank you for your questions. We will explain

more about us and our involvement in the quantum

antigravity project soon. It is quite an interesting story.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

I suggest we stick with English language for practical reasons,

one of them being that when I use the search function to find

some past e-mail messages I may not remember which language

they might have been written in, and if I need to quote a fragment,

that might involve translation.

Dear Horst, please, do not feel offended if Agatha facilitates most

of our correspondence on my behalf (always keep me CC, please).

She is my trusted “right-hand woman.” I am an old man with a few chronic

health problems, and as I mentioned to Myrone, I am a bit “slow” in general.

Yes, I have heard about Gennady I. Shipov,

and about his theory

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