Graphing 377(8)

Very interesting graphics for the spin connections contained within the kappa vector components. This paper is one of the most original of all the UFT papers and books, showing that there can be forward and retrograde precession from the same ECE2 lagrangian. The field equations work in a precisely self consistent way, and the existence of the spin connections contained within the kappa vector of UFT318 shows how ECE2 is distinguished from special relativity, which contains no spin connections. I have written up the paper and will distrubute it tomorrow. If Einstein had known about this in 1905 he would not have bothered with EGR. If readers prefer, the lagrangian can be viewed as that of special relativity, but the field equations would be missing.

Sent: 17/05/2017 11:43:49 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Re: 377(8): The Complete Solution for the Spin Connections and new Graphics

In eq.(35) it should read Y instead of X in the numerator, only a typo.
The result (34, 35) can directly be obtained from the two field equations with kappa:

The solution of these two simultaneous equations is

I plotted this from the orbital solutions X(t) and Y(t), and for comparison the components X(t), Y(t) directly, see graphs. Now no poles appear anymore, but there is some similarity to the approximations I sent over previously. The sharp peaks in kappaX,Y are an effect of the high ellipticity of the orbit. These resluts will go into section 3 of the paper.


Am 16.05.2017 um 14:37 schrieb EMyrone:

This note shows that both the Newtonian orbit and retrograde precessing orbit are determined completely by the spin connections (34) and (35). These can be computed and graphed because X and Y are already known from the computation. This result shows that the ECE2 gravitational field theory is precisely self consistent. Both the force and field equations are used self consistently as required, and there are no adjustable parameters. This method can be repeated for the forward precessing orbit and ECE2 fluid gravitation theory incorporated. This will be developed in the next paper. The amazing result has been obtained that the ECE2 lagrangian gives all forward and retrograde precessions observed in astronomy. EGR can only give forward precessions. This basic first theory can be refined to reproduce experimental data as precisely as desired.

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