PECE2 book, proofreading

Many thanks, this is excellent typesetting. There are only a few minor errors as follows.

1) Eq. (2.1) vector V sup kapp missing on the LHS following the bracket.
2) Eq. (2.26), second matrix, second line, two b superscripts missing.
3) Eqs. (3.53) – (3.56) subscripts capital X, Y, Z throughout.
4) Eq. (4.5) first line subscripts are capital X, Y, Z.
5) Eq. (4.6) capital Z dot on right hand side.
6) Eqs. (5.53) and (5.67) replace A bold by W bold (my errors).

The material for this book was read at the rate of 47,450 times a year in April 2017 from combined sites and by the ECE School of Thought. So the book is already a “best seller”.

Sent: 09/05/2017 19:56:19 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: PECE2 book, proofreading

I checked the typesetting and corrected some typos. Please take over the
checking. My own sections are still missing. Ulrich’s chapter is
included. Did you hear anything from Steve Crothers? I am awaiting his
Could you also write a short preface again?
The chapters do not have sections or subsections. I propose to indroduce
about 3 per chapter for better structuring, and the table of contents
would look better 🙂
I have a couple of questions concerning the content, will send these
over separately.



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