PECE2 book, proofreading

Agreed, a different equation. Which equation refers to (4.6) in this context? We have worked harmoniously without being distracted by dogma, and the result is objectively very powerful as you write. It is like a string quartet. The historical scene is much like that of Franz Schubert and his circle of friends. This is a truly international effort. You have honed the art of computer algebra to perfection and have checked everything meticulously for over a decade, others have contributed in a vitally important way as is well known worldwide. On July 3rd, 1822, Schubert wrote a prose piece called “Mein Traum”, known as “Schubert’s Dream” in English, which sums up a startling repetition of history: “I wandered away into a far country ….. Through long, long years I sang my songs …. and before I knew it I was in that circle from which the loveliest melody sounded. I felt the whole measure of eternal bliss, compressed, as it were, into a moment’s space.” So I will use this as a quote in the introduction.

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Subj: Re: PECE2 book, proofreading

I do not find a Z in eq.(4.6). Did you mean a different equation?

When reading the introduction I got the impression that this is a book with very heavy-weighted content. Considering the time frame in which we obtained all these results, we seem to be real champions 🙂 Others may have needed half a life to obtain results we got in two months.


Am 10.05.2017 um 12:00 schrieb EMyrone:

Many thanks, this is excellent typesetting. There are only a few minor errors as follows.

1) Eq. (2.1) vector V sup kapp missing on the LHS following the bracket.
2) Eq. (2.26), second matrix, second line, two b superscripts missing.
3) Eqs. (3.53) – (3.56) subscripts capital X, Y, Z throughout.
4) Eq. (4.5) first line subscripts are capital X, Y, Z.
5) Eq. (4.6) capital Z dot on right hand side.
6) Eqs. (5.53) and (5.67) replace A bold by W bold (my errors).

The material for this book was read at the rate of 47,450 times a year in April 2017 from combined sites and by the ECE School of Thought. So the book is already a “best seller”.

To: EMyrone
Sent: 09/05/2017 19:56:19 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: PECE2 book, proofreading

I checked the typesetting and corrected some typos. Please take over the
checking. My own sections are still missing. Ulrich’s chapter is
included. Did you hear anything from Steve Crothers? I am awaiting his
Could you also write a short preface again?
The chapters do not have sections or subsections. I propose to indroduce
about 3 per chapter for better structuring, and the table of contents
would look better 🙂
I have a couple of questions concerning the content, will send these
over separately.


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