Some Comments on the Last Note

It can be seen that ECE2 is a theory of general relativity because it contains a spin connection, related to the kappa vector first defined in UFT318 and UFT319. ECE2 looks similar in structure to special relativity, but the latter does not contain a spin connection. By adjusting the spin connection, different precessions can be produced for planar orbits, possibly both forward and retrograde precessions. The theory is easily extended to three dimensional orbits and precessions. By introducing the other three ECE2 field equations, a great deal of new inference emerges and this will be the subject of further notes. The breakthrough in the past few months has been the development of numerical methods to solve simultaneous differential equations. These are insoluble analytically. Co author Dr. Horst Eckardt found that Maxima contains the type of code needed, so a combination of analytical and numerical methods has resulted in a rapid advance over the last year or so. He has also refined the scatter plot method introduced in UFT328. Note carefully that Einsteinian general relativity (EGR) is not used at all, and has not been used since about 2005. In the UFT Section EGR is refuted in at least eighty three ways. It is also refuted experimentally in whirlpool galaxies (Chapter eight of “Principles of ECE”. So no Baconian scientist can use EGR any longer, it is completely riddled with errors. It has been corrected and developed into ECE2, checked by computer algebra at every stage. Also note that EGR is not a fully ab initio theory, precessions are obtained by adusting the Christoffel connection to give the right result in the Newtonian limit. The methods of EGR have been sieved by Stephen Crothers in chapter nine of “Principles of ECE”, a very popular book by now.

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