376(6): Comparison of Precession Equations

This note shows that the rigorously correct ECE2 orbital precession is produced by the Minkowski type orbital equation (8) and the relativistic Euler Lagrange equation (9). These are both newly discovered equations. The previously used precession equation (10) is produced by the Euler Lagrange equation (11), in which t appears. The correct and newly inferred equation (9) has the proper time tau on the right hand side. Both Eqs. (9) and (11) produce orbital precessions, but the rigorously correct one is Eq. (9). it must be solved simultaneously with the field equations of ECE2 gravitostatics. So the set of equations for numerical solution is Eq. (21) to (23). I will write up UFT376, Sections 1 and 2, reporting the discovery of these new equations. Section 3 can be dedicated to showing that they produce precession, so EGR becomes obsolete and unnecessary. There is also a relativistic Hamilton Principle of Least Action of ECE2 relativity. It will be interesting to compare these new precessions with those in the S2 star system.


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