International Condemnation of UNCC

The attached is a sample of the tide of international criticism of UNCC in 1994 / 1995 (UNCC Saga on Since then, my wife and I have been living on average well below the poverty line, which is currently £14,134, or 60% of median income in Britain. Queen Elizabeth II, Parliament and Prime Minister Tony Blair effectively righted the injustice in 2005, by awarding a rarely given Civil List Pension, an honour akin to Order of Merit or Companion of Honour. This was after magnificent international support letters from Profs. Alwyn van der Merwe, Bo Lehnert (Royal Swedish Academy) and the late John B. Hart. My current total pension is about £15,000 pounds a year, of which £2,400 a year is the Civil List Pension. The pension is taxed, so after tax it is below poverty line. I have been overtaxed twice and had to claim it back twice. It is made up of three pensions: the State Pension (which is at half poverty line, a complete disgrace for a developed Nation), a private pension which I built up over many years, and the Civil List Pension of £2,400 a year. I built up the reserve capital of the Newlands Family Trust with my own investment business over many years, and saved up for many years to buy this house outright. It had been sold against my wishes, so was “Pant y Bedw”. The reserve capital is designated as Trust capital. My wife and I helped her daughters, my step daughters, through university and they have three degrees between them. The tories have ruined the education system by imposing huge fees on those least able to pay them. The standard of education is much lower than the sixties. These fees are completely unnecessary. Labour has not removed them yet. If Wales were really free all education would be free for carefully selected pupils of proven ability. If it were really a socialist party, Labour would restore the 1960’s system, when I had a grant of £282 pounds a year, but my fees were paid by the then Glamorgan County Council. I came form the poorest sector of the working class, so my parents would never have been able to pay the fees. That enlightened system has been destroyed by tories who have never had a Parliamanetary majority in Wales. The Assembly should seek to reinstate it immediately. I was cynically chopped by UNCC for advocating B(3), which at about the same time or shortly later was nominated for a Nobel Prize, several times I am told. I have no reason to doubt it, neither should anyone else. In 2008 I was raised to Armiger, in 2012 raised to the Gentry and in 2017 was selected for a prestigious Life Achievement Award. This was all achieved well below the poverty line. I am now a triple world record holder, still below the poverty line. I do not use the Newlands Trust capital, it is designated for growth and for good work on behalf of the Welsh language and other causes. For people without reserve capital, the tories have made life a living hell, I dread to think what Aneurin Bevan would have said of this. One thing is certain, he would have done something about it.


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