UFT88 Consulted again at the University of Bern

Bern is ranked 100 in the world by Shanghai, 110 by Times, 145 by QS and 177 by Webometrics. It was founded in 1834 in the Swiss Federal Capital. It currently has 17,430 students. Albert Einstein was at the Swiss Patent Office in Bern from 1902 to 1909, and was a private lecturer in the University from 1908 to 1909. He lived with his family on the second floor of 49 Kramgasse from 1903 to 1905. This has been restored and is now the Albert Einstein House. His early years were not promising, he left the Luitpold Gymnasium in Munich without a qualification. In 1895 he failed his entrance exam for ETH and in 1896 gave up his Citizenship without his father’s permission and was stateless for five years before filing for Swiss Citizenship in 1899. He failed his Matura for ETH at his first attempt, but passed it in 1896. He was not given a job by ETH when he graduated, so he worked in Winterthur, Schaffhausen and Bern. His work from 1901 to 1905 was done in isolation of academia, but was of outstanding quality. His papers were published without refereeing. He became the leading intellectual in twentieth century physics until the post Einsteinian paradigm shift of 2003 to present (ECE theory). I named it Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) theory to mark his achievements and that of the great mathematician Elie Cartan, who inferred spacetime torsion. UFT88 is a famous paper that refutes the geometrical basis of Einsteinian general relativity (EGR), It is currently the most consulted paper on www.aias.us being read at the rate of 4,039 known readings a year from combined sites www.aias.us and www.upitec.org. So from 2007 to now it has been read a known forty thousand times approximately, probably much more because I can only detect institutional URL’s. Recall that a million scientific papers published every year in the obsolete academic system are never read at all. This gives an idea of the unprecedented impact of ECE, again achieved outside academia. So history repeats itself. It should be read wuth UFT99, proofs, UFT109, UFT255, UFT313, UFT354 and UFT374, along with the document “Eighty Three Refutations of EGR” in the Overview of ECE. So EGR is completely obsolete and has been replaced by ECE2. I have the opposite character to Eibstein, I was a meticulous, hard working student and was booted out of Aberystwyth because of gross corruption (Auto volume Two). No one could stop the corruption. This effectively destroyed Aberystwyth as a science university because they chopped their best science group (attached). Shortly after I was chopped in 1983, the EDCL was itself chopped in 1988 and deteriorated into a ruin. It is now an obscure art department and student accommodation in laboratories, next to derelict bunsen burners. For example Aberystwyth is not in the same class as the top twenty when it comes to world rankings. My group was always world ranked. I don’t like writing like this but one must reform.


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