UFT88 Read at Bordeaux, Lund and the Jozef Stefan Institute

The University of Bordeaux in the Aquitaine is ranked 151 – 200 in the world by Shanghai, 301 – 350 by Times, 341 by Webometrics and 501 – 550 by QS. It was founded in 1441 and split into four in the seventies. Three of the Bordeaux universities reunited in 2014. The University of Lund in Sweden was founded in 1423 and is ranked 73 by QS, 96 by Times, 108 by webometrics and 101 – 150 by Shanghai. It has 41,000 students and us associated with the physicists Rydberg, the Nobel Laureate Siegbahn, and Klein. The Jozef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana was founded in 1949 and has 404 Ph. D. students. UFT88 is a famous paper in the world of science because it was the first to correct the second Bianchi identity of 1902 for torsion. It has been developed along with UFT99, UFT109, UFT255, UFT313 and UFT354 to completely refute the geometry of Einsteinian general relativity. It has a huge readership for an advanced paper of theoretical physics, running into tens of thousands in about a decade at an estimated five hundred leading universities and institutes in the world such as Bordeaux, Lund and Jozef Stefan. In great contrast, half of the scientific papers produced conventionally by the obsolete journals system are not read at all. The tremendous impact of AIAS / UPITEC is due to its open access system, rigorous refereeing at all stages, use of computer algebra, and constant self criticism and checking. Theoretical physics has been changed entirely in the post Einsteinian paradigm shift and the development of ECE physics. It is clear that Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) unified theory is the first successful unified field theory of physics.

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