The h index of G. W. Bruhn

This appears to be three, i.e. three papers cited three or more times. How is it possible for an emeritus professor to have an h index of three in fifty years on the staff? They have all been refuted, notably in UFT89. They are as follows:

1) G. W. Bruhn, “No Energy to be Extracted from the Vacuum”, Phys. Scripta 2006, cited by nine, two of whom are Hehl and Rodrigues, the rest is in Chinese.
2) G. W. Bruhn, “On the Lorentz Invariance of M. W. Evans’ O(3) Symmetry Law” cited by 5.

and one other paper, which has again been refuted years ago. The Wikipedia entry made this nonsense the basis of its distortion of ECE theory. Bruhn disappeared on medical advice in 2008 after years of harassment of my group and myself. By now there are patented circuits taking energy from spacetime (UFT311, UFT321, replicated in UFT364). There should be an enguiry into this Wikipedia scandal. After a long battle I got Wikipedia to remove its grossly pejorative and defamatory article on my career. It began with the ethnically prejudiced words “Welsh chemist”. Lakhtakia sent several ethnically prejudiced e mails before being caught by our feedback software. He was severely reprimanded and reported to the police by University Park administration. He also impersonated arXiv staff at Cornell. He was not sacked for academic misconduct as he should have been.

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