Comments on 374(5): The General Planar Orbit of Fluid Gravitation

Agreed with this, these methods should produce very interesting dependence of the orbit on the properties of the spacetime or aether. These deviations from standard orbit theory could then be tested experimentally.

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Subj: Re: 374(5): The General Planar Orbit of Fluid Gravitation

In both eqs.(27) it should read r dot instead of r in front of the parentheses. This also changes (36).
If R_r would only depend on time, the expressions

partial x / partial r
partial x / partial phi

can further be modified to give

partial x / partial r = x dot / r dot
partial x / partial phi = x dot / phi dot.

R_r needs not to be assumed to depend on r only. Even a full coordinate dependence (including phi) can be kept:

R_r = R_r ( r(t), phi(t), t).

Eqs. (36,37) can then be time-integrated for any model function R_r if the coordinate dependence is explicit. For example an “aether wind” in one direction would requre R_r to depend on phi, not on r. I can try such an approach.


Am 03.04.2017 um 15:47 schrieb EMyrone:

This is found from the gravitational Navier Stokes equation (4), which is a particular case of the general Navier Stokes equation (8). The velocity field is given by Eq. (21) as derived in UFT363. The orbit is worked out entirely in terms of the radial component R sub r of the position element of fluid spacetime, its r derivative and second derivative, and its time derivative. Additional equations are available from fluid dynamics: notably the continuity equation and conservation of angular momentum. These can be developed in future notes, in the meantime model functions can be used. It is already known from Horst’s numerical analysis of yesterday and this morning that a fluid spacetime or aether gives a precessing orbit, a major discovery in my opinion. In this model a planet or object of mass m around an object of mass M moves in a fluid spacetime or aether. The structure of the theory is that of Cartan geometry.

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