Annual Rates of Reading of Selected Books and Papers

These are calculated from the March 2017 scientometrics (computerized feedback) and are estimated for combined sites and The following items are all classics in science and literature by any standard. Obviously, the three thousand items plus on combined sites have a vast and permanent readership of the highest intellectual quality in up to 182 countries.

1) Collected ECE2 Papers : 41,990.
2) Principles of ECE: 9,514.
3) Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry: 5,935.
4) Autobiography (volumes one and two): 3,109.
5) Evans Equations: 5,181.
6) Chapter 3 of “Evans Equations” (Spanish translation): 15,378.
7) Collected Scientometrics: 13,424.
8) Principles of ECE, Volume Two (in prep.): 1,539.
9) Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation: 1,.295.
10) Collected Evans / Morris papers: 24,092 (estimated).
11) Collected Eckardt / Lindstrom papers: 3,862.
12) Collected Proofs: 2,567.

The leading individual papers in March 2017 were as follows, with yearly rates of reading.

1) UFT166 : 3,885 (English and Spanish versions)
2) UFT88: 1,860.
3) UFT43: 1,696.
4) UFT42: 1,649.
5) UFT175: 1,601

In great contrast, half of the papers published by the old system are never read by anyone. Google “academic papers never read”. So the AIAS / UPITEC group is the most intensely studied in the world.

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