Model Computation of Note 374(2)

This looks exactly right! It means that a fluid spacetime or aether produces orbital precession. As the characteristics of the spacetime are changed, so is the orbit. The vast readership will find this to be a profoundly interesting resul.

Sent: 02/04/2017 13:37:07 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Re: Suggested Scheme of Computation

I first changed the model of R_r for the calculation of note 374(2) I sent over. I made the function smaller. Now the result looks like a precessing ellipse with gravitational cenre in the left focal point. The deviation from constant L is smaller.
Will try models for x(t) next.


Am 02.04.2017 um 13:56 schrieb EMyrone:

I would suggest simultaneous numerical solution of Eqs. (7) and (8) of Note 374(4) with various models for x and x dot. If this does not give meaningful results (a precessing ellipse) then Eq. (9) can be replaced by Eq. (19), the conservation of angular momentum in a fluid, the vorticity equation and Eqs. (7), (8) and (19) solved simultaneously. There are also other equations available such as the continuity equation, the Navier Stokes equation, and the equation of conservation of energy in fluid dynamics. We know that the methods of UFT363 give a precessing ellipse, so that is a useful clue.

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