FOR POSTING: Paper 373, section 3

Many thanks, this is a very interesting piece of work as usual. It is known from UFT372 that the ECE2 lagrangian gives a precessing orbit, so these analytical results are all effects of a precessing orbit. The latter can be produced by ECE2 relativity, an important advance. ECE2 relativity is special relativity in a space with finite torsion and curvature. As can be seen from the daily reports there is intense interest in the latest papers of the ECE2 series. The computer algebra can deal with any kind of complexity.

Sent: 28/03/2017 11:06:22 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Paper 373, section 3

I finished section 3, it describes three cases how the orbital
precession can be seen from the analytical formulas.



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