Obtaining a Precessing Ellipse Analytically

After some numerical work by Horst it has been found that the formulation in the two preceding notes is too simple, so one way of proceeding is to use the hamiltonin corresponding to the lagrangian (34) in UFT363, and to use the hamiltionian method of obtaining an orbit as in Marion and Thornton chapter 7. It is known numerically that the lagrangian corresponfing to this hamiltonian produces a precessing ellipse. This will involve integration. The extra ingredient is the spin conenction omega sup 1 sub 01. One can also try to integrate the relativistic hamiltonian directly using the Runge Kutta routine. I will describe these methods in the next note. The laggrangian methid is already sufficient to show that ECE2 realtivity produces orbital precession, a major advance in understanding.

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