Daily Report 20/2/17

The equivalent of 92,429 printed pages was downloaded (336.995 megabytes) from 2.391 downloaded memory files (hits) and 477 distinct visits each averaging 4.3 memory pages and 7 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio of 38.66, top ten referrals total 2,211,396, main spiders Google, MSN and Yahoo. Collected ECE2 991, Top ten 785, Evans Morris 660(est), Collected scientometrics 436, F3(Sp) 260, Barddoniaeth 191, Principles of ECE 139, Eckardt Lindstrom 112, Autobiography volumes one and two 85, Collected Proofs 70, Engineering Model (Collected Equations) 68, UFT88 57, PECE 42, CEFE 40, UFT311 36, Self charging inverter 25, UFT321 21, Llais 18, PLENR 10, UFT313 19, UFT314 16, UFT315 14, UFT316 14, UFT317 27, UFT318 15, UFT319 18, UFT320 15, UFT322 19, UFT323 14, UFT324 15, UFT325 22, UFT326 15, UFT327 15, UFT328 22, UFT329 20, UFT330 12, UFT331 17, UFT332 12, UFT333 18, UFT334 13, UFT335 16, UFT336 11, UFT337 14, UFT338 11, UFT339 10, UFT340 11, UFT341 19, UFT342 9, UFT343 14, UFT344 19, UFT345 13, UFT346 12, UFT347 16, UFT348 12, UFT349 17, UFT351 18, UFT352 23, UFT353 23, UFT354 23, UFT355 12, UFT356 21, UFT357 22, UFT358 16, UFT359 18, UFT360 15, UFT361 13, UFT362 20, UFT363 18, UFT364 21, UFT365 13, UFT366 35, UFT367 36, UFT368 39, UFT369 36, UFT370 13 to date in February 2017. Argentine Research Institute for Defence Science and Technology (CITEFA) general; Catholic University Leuven Potential Waves; Telematic Educational Network of Catalonia (Xtec) F3(Sp); University of Quebec Trois Rivieres UFT366 to UFT370; Swiss Federal Institute Zurich (ETH) general; University of Zurich UFT88; University of Paderborn UFT theory, Devices, CV, Autobiography, extensive download of UFT papers; University of Wuppertal UFT33, UFT128; Universit of Aarhus Denmark LCR Resonant; University of Pittsburgh Home Page; University of Stonybrook Simons Center for Geometry and Physics UFT313; University of Vermont Extensive download; Indian National Institute for Science and Technology UFT158; Unite the Union, Britain Latest Family History; Philippine National Electrification Administration UFT158; University of Luton CV, historical source documents, UNCC Saga; University of St Andrews UFT239. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for February 2017.


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