UFT213 Mini Conference

This took place last Sunday with interest from Mathematics at Harvard, Umea University Sweden, and Academia Sinica Taiwan. UFT213 gives simple proofs of the antisymmetry of the connection. Definitive Proofs based on UFT99 have been read thousands of times without objection. They mean the end of the Einstein era in general relativity, and the introduction of a torsion based unified field theory, ECE and ECE2. Other parts of Einstein’s work are still acceptable with some modification. Much of the standard mdoel pf physics is obsolete and obsolescence should not be publicy funded. Einstein’s theory of relativity was initially influential, but now it has been shown conclusively that it is riddled with errors. that’s how real progress in ideas is made. All this is well known to the ECE School of Physics, which is independent of vested interest, and which replaces dogma by Baconian science. Last Sunday there was also interest from Physics Oxford in UFT158, which challenges standard particle physics, and from St Peter’s College Oxford in UFT216. There about five hundred UFT papers and books available in English and Spanish, and they are all archived on the Wayback Machine. For some years I have been the most prolific contemporary physicist in the world having produced about two thousand papers, books and essays, and over twenty six thousand diary entries (the well known blog of www.aias.su and www.upitec.org) in nearly forty four years of much higher than average productivity. All my work back to 1973 is read all the time, and it is all archived. Many thanks to all concerned!

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