Paper 370, section 3 Dumb bell Nod

This is a clear and incisive section as usual from co author Horst Eckardt, especially figure four and the development of a simple dumb bell model for the nutations and precessions of the earth in orbit around the sun. This could lead to a model of the Milankovitch cycles. The computation of the free rotation of the asymmetric top is also full of interest. It is carried out in spherical polar coordinates, and this is much simpler than the use of the Eulerian angles. Both spherical polar coordinates and Eulerian angles should be used for any given problem in order to extract the maximum possible information. The key advance in recent papers is the use of Maxima to solve simultaneous differential equations ( Euler Lagrange equations) without approximation. This gives a huge amount of new information about gyroscope dynamics of all kinds, and more generally, classical rotational dynamics. UFT370 shows that the latter subject is part of Cartan geometry and ECE2 unified field theory.

Sent: 20/02/2017 17:40:06 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Paper 370, section 3

I finished section 3 with the dumbbell model and a calculation of a
freely rotating body in spherical coordinates.



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