UFT88 Read at the Bose Institute Calcutta

The Bose Institute was founded in 1917, at his residence, by Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, who worked with Rayleigh and was the pioneer of scientific research in India. He is not to be confused with Satyendra Nath Bose of the Bose Einstein statistics, after whom the boson is named. UFT88 is the famous paper that refutes the Einstein theory of relativity in the post Einstein paradigm shift. The ECE School of Physics is permanently established and rejects many, but obviously not all, of the ideas of the Standard School of Physics. The ECE school is distributed throughout the world in all the best universities world, and also has a huge worldwide following in all sectors of society up to Head of State staff seniority. This is well known through the scientometrics. The ECE school also rejects the way in which the standard school assesses merit and impact, and has established its own measures of merit and impact based on well known Cartan geometry, computer algebra, constant self criticism and checking of concepts, and scientometrics. The final form of UFT88 is UFT313, the Jacobi Cartan Evans identity, which is the 1902 second Bianchi identity corrected for torsion. As my colleague, co author and good friend Vigier used to say, physics is a civilized debate between schools of thought. Jean-Pierre Vigier was brought up as a Calvinist and joined the French Communist Party in which he became prominent. He was well known in France both as one of the best theoretical physicists of the twentieth century and as a Statesman and became a Member of the Legion of Honour (Legion d’Honneur), France’s highest award. He realized that my dsivoery of the B(3) field at Cornell means finite photon mass and lent his considerable reputation to four out of five volumes of “The Enigmatic Photon”. I wrote them and he advised. Similarly Lifshitz wrote the Landau Lifshitz books and the Nobel Laureate Lev Davidovich Landau advised. Albert Einstein invited Vigier to work with him at the Princeton Institute and the latter worked with Louis de Broglie for many years. Vigier was well used to being on the receiving end of the worse kind of dogmatic mindset, because he opposed the standard model of physics. Notably he dedicated his work to photon mass. Vigier denounced UNCC from the conference platform at the First Vigier Symposium, organized by Stanley Jeffers and myself. The entire conference agreed with Vigier.

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