Acronym ES – “Energy from Spacetime” and the Osamu Ide Circuit

This acronym, ES, appears in some blog postings and in one or two UFT papers and means “Energy from Spacetime”. By far the best example is the Osamu Ide circuit, for which patents have been applied for by Osamu Ide. It has been replicated in UFT364, and the theory of the Osamu Ide circuit has been developed in UFT311 and UFT321. I hope that it will be manufactured by the millions and that Osamu Ide will be awarded the patents. He full deserves recognition. There is no future (literally) for any fossil fuel or wind turbine cabal. If humankind becomes extinct, these cabals will no longer make a profit out of the poor and starving. ECE and ECE2 describe the circuit perfectly, as in UFT311, and its replication is described in UFT364. Congratulations to all concerned!

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