UFT369 Sections 1 and 2 and Background Notes

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This paper applies Cartan geometry to various gyroscope motions and defines the Cartan spin connection for spherical polar coordinates, plane polar coordinates and the general curvilinear coordinates. Five gyroscope problems are addressed using the lagrangian method, notably the complete solution for spherical orbits, motion of a gyroscope in the presence of any external force or torque, and the complete theory of the Milankovitch cycles thought of as being due to the nutations and precessions of the earth interwoven with its orbital motion around the sun. This is a formidably complicated problem, but it may be that Horst can solve it numerically using Maxima. It is five simultaneous differential equations in five unknowns. Section 3 is pencilled in as usual for co author Horst Eckardt.

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