Discussion of UFT369

Many thanks to the co President Gareth Evans. He is right in pointing out that this paper (UFT369) is probably the first to study in detail of the nutations and precessions of the earth intertwined with its orbital motion around the sun. The reason for this is that the problem is exceedingly intricate, but it can be crunched out with contemporary supercomputers, for example at NASA, and more and more detail added to the theoretical input. The UPITEC President Dr, Horst Eckardt will attempt to crunch it out on a desktop. A couple of days ago, personnel at the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Office at the Pentagon studied the www.aias.us site. These are full generals (four star) and admirals, so our work is now known and accepted at the highest levels. The results of UFT369 should show a correlation with the empirically discovered Milankovitch cycles, and as Gaerth points out, possibly reveal new details of climatology. GJE has received many invitations to leading energy conferences, including one chaired by the French President, Francois Hollande. He could be invited by Co President Gareth Evans to be an Honorary Fellow of AIAS / UPITEC. Staff at the Elysee Palace have studied www.aias.us and over the years many Heads of State staff and senior ministerial staffs of the U. S. and other countries. They should be taking an immediate interest in the fact that we have succeeded in producing a repeatable and reproducible ES circuit (UFT311, UFT321, UFT364). They can implement the power of Governments and overthrow any cabal resistance. Similar remarks hold for UNESCO and UNICEF. In due course I will be honoured by a Nobel Peace Prize nomination and many thanks to the nominator when able to nominate. Unlike the somewhat devalued chemistry and physics prizes, the nominators for a Peace Prize can nominate freely, without having to be asked, and this Prize is not tied up by standard modellers of physics.

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There may even be more detail in the “Milankovitch cycles” as precision is increased (and cross terms perhaps become significant). Who knows at this stage – but it is going to be interesting because it may explain even more subtle and shorter period changes in climate than has previously been realised. If this turns out to be the case the extra cycles / details should be attributed to yourself and Horst – as is the way in science. This would be very pleasing because it is another big branch of science and has obvious implications.

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