Some Comments on UFT369 and Plans for UFT370.

The equations to be solved could have been written down in the eighteenth century by Euler and Lagrange, but they could not have been solved exactly because of complexity. They would not have known about Cartan geometry or spin connection of course. UFT370 will use the spin connections to evaluate the torsion and curvature, tying up with field theory such as that used in UFT119 for the precession of the equinox explained by the gravitomagnetic field. The exact solutions being found with Maxima for the first time may well reveal motions not known up to now. If Maxima used on a desktop can’t handle the numerical problem for some reason, a mainframe or supercomuter could certainly crunch it out, giving a great amount of new information. I am optimistic that a desktop can solve the numerical problem. A contemporary desktop is much more powerful of course that an Elliot 4130 of the early seventies. I solved many horrendously complicated problems on the 4130 using Algol and cards.

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