The Outstanding Contributions to AIAS / UPITEC

This is an internationally recognized team and all have made contributions. The outstanding contribution is that by Horst Eckardt, which has checked every single note, using computer algebra and incisive graphics for every paper for about a decade. He also funded the publication of “Principles of ECE”, which is an outstanding success and has applied ECE to circuit theory in UFT311, 321 and 364, a major breakthrough in new energy. Dr. Douglas Lindsotrom has also made many contributions to the theory and has developed Pulsed LENR. He also helped to fund the publication of “Principles of ECE”. Alex Hill has translated all the papers and books into Spanish, and has broadcasted the essays in Spanish. Robert Cheshire broadcasted all the essays and poetry in English, and has worked on a meticulous study of spiral galaxies. Dave Burleigh has maintained the site and feeedback software for a decade, and has posted voluntarily for a decade. Michael Jackson has backed up the blog on to pdf and has posted all my essay broadcasts on Youtube. All AIAS / UPITEC Fellows contributed by studying the material. Gareth Evans has contributed by making ECE known on national committees and through many incisive summaries. He has received many invitations to major conferences up to Head of State level. Steve Crothers has contributed substantially to two books, and Steve Bannister has written an important Thesis on the second industrial revolution and has worked for funding.

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