Discussion of 367(8): Complete Theory of the Gyroscope

Many thanks again, the gyroscope would be pulled upwards by its own spin, as we see in a spinning top, and this can be helped by a torque or force, or by spacetime itself in ECE2 fluid dynamics. So a gyro in a vehicle would tend to pull it up as you infer, but there is also the weight of the gyro to consider. So an extra torque is needed. Michael Jackson made such a device at home. The constants of motion and other information needed to simplify Eq. (25) are given in UFT270, with incisive graphics by Horst. For example the second term becomes L squared cos theta / (m squared r cubed), which is the centrifugal acceleration directed opposite to the pull of gravitation. The third term is also directed opposite to the force of gravitation, and is the Coriolis term. Laithwaite and Shipov use extra torques in the analysis.

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An important point is that it may not be able to generate lift itself but if it reduces the amount of energy that is required to produce a lift and propel an object forward then that in itself is technologically very important in reducing transport energy needs. Getting vehicles air borne and off traditional roads / rails would revolutionise transport and the need to maintain / improve the traditional transport infrastructure. If space-time energy could be used in transport this would revolutionise the sector.

These are very important developments and insights yet again by yourself and Horst.

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