Defamatory Wikipedia Article on ECE Being Ignored

The wildly defamatory and pejorative wikipedia article on ECE has been ignored completely for a few years. Its referrals are by now completely static. The colleagues worldwide have realized for twelve years or more that it dishonestly tried to distort Cartan geometry and was a personal diatribe, a vicious attempt at character assassination. It dishonestly tried to distort my career and I had the entry on myself removed as being wildly defamatory and pejorative. It has been found to be defamatory by Cohen Davies specialist internet solicitors. In consequence the academic reputation of Wikipedia, such as it was, has been badly damaged. It is well known throughout the world that there is intense academic interest in our work at AIAS / UPITEC, (UFT307 and filtered statistics on and so our reputation cannot be stronger. The AIAS / UPITEC team and I have just been nominated for a total of twenty four gold and silver medals of the Institute of Physics. Our famous distance teaching of ECE and ECE2 reaches the best universities in the world. Our new scientometric methods show this conclusively and are also well known throughout the world of science. Our work is based on meticulous scholarship, my work is checked in all detail by Drs. Horst Eckardt and Douglas Lindstrom – every single note. We use computer algebra to eliminate human error wherever possible. The success of ECE and ECE2 is based on a combination of standard, well known geometry, and computer algebra. If defamed colleagues in the U. S. wish to sue wikipedia for punitive damages, using a contingency lawyer and class action, they would stand a good chance of success. I am a U. S. dual citizen. I regard such conduct with aristocratic disdain, being a member of the Gentry. Wikipedia even tried to defame the College of Arms, by questioning the fact that I am an Armiger. The College of Arms has been around a lot longer than Wikipedia so would regard it with contempt. Queen Elizabeth would not be amused, she appointed me Civil List Pensioner in 2005. The Queen never replies to petty minded malice. So in the famous words of Prof. Emeritus Alwyn van der Merwe, the Wikipedia article “reeks with egregious malice” – it is a cheap troll site when it comes to ECE. Many universities do not allow citation of Wikipedia in examinations and similar.

cc Newlands Family Trustees

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