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I will set up the equations now, so they can be solved in order to try to find a lifting force. A spinning top obviously does not lift itself off the ground. In Section 10.10 of the third edition of Marion and Thornton, “Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems”, the motion is considered of a symmetric top in a gravitational field with one point fixed. This is a well defined spinning top or gyroscope. The lagrangian method is used, and the potential energy is denoted MGhcos theta. This problem was first considered by Lagrange in “Mecanique Analytique”, and obviously not by Newton. This is a good baseline calculation which can be extended with fluid dynamics. In the spinning top there is a counter gravitational torque acting in a direction opposite to the gravitational torque of the earth, otherwise the spinning top would fall over. However, the point of the top does not lift itself off the ground in classical dynamics. In ECE2 fluid dynamics there are many more torques present. This analysis should be applied carefully to both the Shipov and Laithwaite experiments after setting up and solving the equations, a highly non trivial task. The most general equation set must be solved numerically to look for a counter gravitational force. This is what the learned gentlemen at the Royal Institution should have done.

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Subj: Re: New Gyroscope Forces Observed by Laithwaite and Shipov

This seems not to be the same experiment as Shipov did. Laithwaite says that he only supported the natural precession movement of the gyro. The lifting support then probably comes from the kinetic energy of the gyro, leading to a lowering of rotation speed. This is different from Shipov’s experiments.


Am 10.01.2017 um 06:29 schrieb Stephen Crothers:

Dear Myron et al.

Here is Prof. Eric Laithwaite himself giving the demonstration:

Eric Laithwaite – gyroscopic gravity

Here are additional films of him in action:
Eric Laithwaite’s lecture on gyroscopes part 7/7

Kind regards,
Steve Crothers

Eric Laithwaite’s lecture on gyroscopes part 7/7

The Royal Institutions 1974-75 Christmas Lecture given by Eric Laithwaite.

Eric Laithwaite – gyroscopic gravity

His research in later years into Gyroscopes was, and still is, a topic of much discussion within the scientific …

On Tuesday, 10 January 2017, 1:38, “EMyrone <EMyrone wrote:

I suggest that this force is contained within the structure of Eqs. (4) of the attached. These equations describe the free rotational motion of an asymmetric top in fluid dynamics. In the presence of the earth’s gravitational field there is another torque present, as described in the opening part of UFT119. So the spinning top or gyroscope in clasical dynamics is due to the equilibrium between torques:

F x r = omega x L

In fluid dynamics we have

F x r = omega x L + (v dot del)L

If L is not time independent the complete equation is

Tq = F x r = dL / dt + omega x L + (v dot del)L

This equation describes the motion of all gyroscopes adn spinning tops, and also introduces the posibility fo new effects via the convective derivative (v dot del)L. These could describe the torque observed by Laithwaite, a distinguished engineer at Imperial. To be able to hold a forty pound weight with one arm, there must be a counter gravitational torque. Presumably anyone can try the Laithwaite experiment for themselves, and presumably it has been shown to be repeatable. If not, it could be tried in our Muenich lanoratories. So I will work on this theory shortly. It will certainly need the use of the computer for solution. The stony silence adn ostracization came from the Institute of Physics, not the Royal Society, but it was a wildly irrational, very hostile response. That is no longer possible in the enlightened age of internet freedom. The correct Baconian response is to repeat the Laithwaite experiment. There is a photograph of it in the pape sent over by Michael Jackson. This photograph could not have been faked or doctored.

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