Discussion of Note 367(2)

I just sent over a calculation for the torque free motion of a symmetric top in fluid dynamics. There is a much richer structure than in classical dynamics and precession frequencies are changed from classical dynamics. This can give a new explanation of the earth’s precession (Milancovitch cycles in climatology) and in the far red, the rotational spectrum of a symmetric top molecule is affected (for example methyl chloride). The earth is a symmetric top. This calculation uses the basic definitions of fluid dynamics and the convective derivative.

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Subj: Re: 367(2): The Euler Equations of Fluid Dynamics

Can we interpret this in a way that the velocity field bold v represents the rotating mass elements of the gyroscope? To be precise, we then also have to compute bold v with the spin connections as described in paper 363, eq.(11). Perhaps a spin connection for rotational motion can be used as we derived in older papers. However this does not respect the precessional motion.


Am 06.01.2017 um 14:03 schrieb EMyrone:

These are equations (9), and it is seen that fluid dynamics introduces new torques through the convective derivative of angular momentum. These lead to new precessions. This theory can now be compared with the experimental results of Shipov and Braithwaite sent over by Michael Jackson. The spin connection in this case is

omega (spin) = omega x + v dot del

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