Comparison with Shipov

I remember looking at the Shipov paper about twelve years ago, and will have another look at it and compare the Shipov theory with ECE theory. Some years ago I interpreted these non local effects as Aharonov Bohm effects (earliest papers of the UFT theory) and you have developed that line of thought in the Eckardt / Lindstrom papers and other papers. It will be very interesting to have another look at the problem in the light of experience. I will probably get around to this tomorrow.

Sent: 08/01/2017 11:27:44 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Comparison with Shipov

I would be grateful if you could analyze what Shipov did on pages 25/26
of the paper which Michael Jackson sent over. Obviously he uses the
tetrad elements, and what he calls torsion is the spin connection in
Cartan geometry. Is eq.(11) the geodetic equation of Cartan geometry? He
uses a different equation (12) for rotational motion. Maybe the tetrad
is restricted to this part in his approach. Eqs. (13,14) seem to be
specific for Einsteinian GR. Setting all equations to zero seems to
produce his equation set to be solved. What about using the ECE wave
equation for computing the spin connections?

The spin connections seem to be important because Shipov found non-local
effects experimentally which are mediated by the spin connections. A
rotating disk seems to alter spacetime geometry and this alteration
propagates in form of circular waves in the spin connections. Insofar
using the spin connetcions of rotational motion could be a good first


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