Similarity to special relativity

This is a very interesting remark, shedding some light on the nature of the spin connection, and how the vacuum or aether results in orbital precession. It is well worth developing this line of thought numerically

Sent: 06/01/2017 15:07:30 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Similarity to special relativity

Considering the examples in paper 365, for example eq.(17), It seems
that the spin connection Omega sup 1sub 01r appears in form of a
relativistic gamma factor so that one could identify

Omega sup 1sub 01r = – v^2/c^2.

According to the definition in the plane polar coordinate system, Omega
actually depends on the velocity components. Perhaps this is an approach
for a pre-determined Omega sup 1sub 01r. It would mean that R is
modified in a “relativistic” way. An interpretation could be that a mass
element in spacetime experiences a velocity-dependent flux resistance.


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