Experimental Advantages of ECE / ECE2 over the Standard Model

These are very numerous and to me the standard model is completely obsolete. A huge number of scientists and engineers agree. Every UFT paper establishes an experimental advantage, because I always compare theory with data, and I will set some time aside to list the major advantages. Some favourites are as follows (see also the list of experimental advantages on the home page of www.aias.us). The AIAS / UPITEC team might like to point out what they think are the most important advantages, then we can collate them and post them.

1) The ability to explain with precision the phenomenon of energy from spacetime. This started with spin connection resonance theory about a decade ago and has been spectacularly confirmed in UFT311, UFT321 and UFT364 by Horst Eckardt, Osamu Ide and co workers. Maxwell Heaviside (MH) has no explanation. The ability to explain low energy nuclear reactions (LENR).
2) Triple unification allows a very large number of advantages and cross corelations to be defined between subject areas – see “ECE2 – The Second Paradigm Shift”.
3) As a spectroscopist by training I particularly like the ability of ECE2 to produce the g factor of the electron from the rigorous Dirac equation, to any precision. The standard physics really has no explanation because its QED and QCD are riddled with unknowables and adjustables.
4) As a spectroscopist and molecular physicist by training I like the ability of the rigorous Dirac equation of ECE2 to produce many different types of new spectra, e.g. new ESR and new NMR. These don’t exist in the standard physics.
5) ECE2 has produced many new explanations for precession and light bending by gravitation, and has completely overthrown the Einstein theory. It has produced new explanations for whirlpool gaalxies which do not exist in the standard physics.
6) ECE2 has produced many new gravitational effects, and new field equations of gravitation, with many prediuctions not present in the standard model.
7) ECE2 has produced many new effects of fluid dynamics, fluid gravitation and fluid electrodynamics.
8) I like teh ability of ECE2, as in UFT328 and UFT365, to produce the most general format of a precessing planar orbit. This is differnet from the Einstein result, so predicts new phenomena of astronomy.
9) Many spin offs of the theoretical explanation of the Evans Morris effects, including new foundational tests of the Rayleigh Jeans and Planck laws, new tests, and many other advantages over the standard model.
10) In mathematics, several new identities of geometry (UFT88, UFT99, UFT109, UFT313) and as in UFT354, a devastating rebuttal of the Einstein theory using metric compatibility.
11) Many new predictions such as the quantum force equation. These do not exist in the standard model.
12) Very many refutations of standard physics which clear the way for progress. The standard physics has no answer to any of these refutations.

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