FOR POSTING: The Battle with Wikipedia

I suggest that all AIAS / UPITEC staff look up my changes on the ECE article on wikipedia and note how long they stay before they are removed by the so called “moderators”. They have done this many times before. Wikipedia notes the IP address of the computer of a scientist trying to engage in long accepted scientific dialogue, and often brands that scientist, however distinguished, as a “vandal”, preventing him from further editing. This is disgusting censorship that flies in the face of all societal norms. The moderators are completely biased individuals and are not “moderators” at all. All staff are strongly advised to keep on adding their own calm and reasoned rebuttals, directly on the ECE article, ranging from mathematical (Horst Eckardt, Doug Lindstrom, Steve Crothers and myself) to rebuttals based on experience (physicists and chemists of the group), to rebuttals based on pure disgust (general public), disgust at crude defamation being used in lieu of science. The main rebuttal on and is UFT89, read and accepted many thousands of times over a decade, and all my early rebuttals are again visible on I also advise pointing out directly on the ECE wikipedia article UFT311, UFT321 and UFT364 on sources of new energy. These are importyant, mainstream papers presented at Royal Soceit yof Chemistry conferences and a House of Lords committee. If wikipedia censors them then it is finished, it will be seen as a rag when it comes to ECE theory. Over the past decade there has been a fierce battle between wikipedia and AIAS / UPITEC. Our scientometrics show that wikipedia has been intellectually routed. If it does not allow edits, our own websites deliver the closely reasoned rebuttals. The need to do so evaporated years ago when it became clear to the international community that the EEC article by wikipedia is a crude defamation. I can see this through my scientometrics, referrals from wikipedia became fewer and fewer and have now dried up almost completely People are not stupid, as wiki seems to think. All that has to be remembered by the general public with no technical ability is that ECE and ECE2 are based directly on well accepted geometry, geometry that has not been affected by the crude distortions on wkipedia. Troll sites are illegal and no scientist will ever read that kind of criminality. Trolling is a criminal offence. This was pointed out to me personally by the Commissioner of Police in Wales, Rt. Hon. Alun Michael.

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