Outstanding Year for AIAS / UPITEC

The last year an a half have seen the publication of fifty papers on ECE2 papers, and 2016 has seen the publication in hardback and softback of “Principles of ECE”, currently being read 6,426 times a year off combined sites, an outstandingly successful monograph by any standards. The radically new and powerful theories of fluid electrodynamics and fluid gravitation were published. The fifty ECE2 papes are bing read about 33,000 times a year. Early in 2016 www.aias.us was made visible on the Wayback Machine, (www.archive.org), by Dave Burleigh, so a great amount of work is safely archived. It was announced on 12th September by Aled Betts of the National Library of Wales that combined sites www.aias.us and www.upitec.org have been archived using OSWM (Open Source Wayback Machine) and will be featured in the UK Web Archive as outstanding sites, accessible from the reading rooms of all the Copyright Libraries: The British Library in London, Bodleian Linrary Oxford, Library of Cambridge University, and teh NAtional Libraries of Scotland and Wales. They will also be feastured in Ireland from the LIbrary of Trinity College Dublin. The wll known circuit of AIAS Fellow Osamu Ide (explained exactly by ECE theory in UFT311) has been replicated exactly in UFT364, causing immediate international interest. I can see this as usual from the scientometrics. The Co President Gareth Evans has received many invitations to attend high level strategic meetings and conferences as a result of this major breakthrough in new energy technology by AIAS / UPITEC. Douglas Lindstrom has published a review of low energy nuclear reactors. Horst Eckardt, UPITEC President, and Bernhard Foltz, flew to Tokyo and replicated the Osamu Ide device exactly with completely independent apparatus. This means that such circuits can be mass produced in future after patenting. Osamu Ide has sent written testimony to a House of Lords Committee on this development, and I hope that the London, Cardiff and Edinburgh Governments will fund and rapidly develop the breakthrough, otherwise they will lose out again as so often happens. The AIAS / UPITEC team has been nominated for six gold medals and six silver medals of the Institute of Physics, and from now on will be regularly nominated for relevant medals and awards. All my indicators show that ECE has arrived centre stage.

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