Updated List of Achievements

This is useful advice, I have been looking at the nomination procedures of the Institute of Physics. There are several medals and types of nomination that can be made. we should go for the highest levels. For example I can make team nominations for AIAS / UPITEC with two referees, I can ask Profs. van der Merwe and Croca to be referees. Then Gareth can nominate me for the right category of medals using Horst and Doug as referees. They already have letters ready. There is nothing to lose in making these nominations, which are all recorded in Marquis. The scientometrics show that ECE and ECE2 have been accepted by the best in the world, and so has our new method of distance teaching. So Gareth might like to look at the IP nomination procedures, which are online. I will ask Dave to post the latest list of achievements in the blue box on the home page of www.aias.us so nominators can simply refer to it in their nomination. Sean may like to post it on www.upitec.org.

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Sent: 15/12/2016 15:47:29 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Re: Updated List of Achievements

I believe that some nominations roll on automatically Myron. Perhaps we should always ask if they could be re-consideted on a rolling basis (and / or with only updates rather than a complete rewrite)? Just a thought.

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