History of Early Attempts at Misrepresentation

The scientometrics show that these early personal attacks have been ignored completely by the colleagues worldwide, who have accepted ECE and ECE2 and also our new methods of impact assessment (the scientometrics) and distance teaching. Our work is taught and studied at the best universities in the world. There is a huge mass of feedback data to prove it (UFT307 and filtered statistics on www.aias.us). The way that I met these early attacks is also well known and recorded , notably in UFT89 and UFT90. All the rebuttals of the methods used are recorded on the blog. So I do not think that any further rebuttal is needed. They were an example of the use of a captive media to try to destroy careers. If anyone is still concerned about these attacks I advise posting UFT89 and UFT90 on wikipedia, the perpetrator, together with my lists of achievements. In my opininon wikipedia is merely a private company, intolerant to the point where it will not allow reasoned replies. For example they would just remove UFT89 and UFT90 and my lists of achievements, ignoring the entire profession. The scientometrics show that wikipedia has a very small effect on referrals, and early attackers are not cited. One could try to post on wikipedia just to see what happens. It is obviously in financial trouble and might have to raise money by adverts. In other areas it may be useful, but in my experience its scholarship is lamentable.

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