Updated List of Achievements

I will certainly to that, and will nominate others if they wish. I attach a docx file with the addition of UFT321, which I cite every morning. I will begin by asking for previous nominations to be rolled forward. Many thanks for all the help and input over the years, about a decade by now. All of this nominating activity is based on scientometrics, so it is a logical activity that tests the sincerity of the establishment and safeguards the freedom to think. If they advertize prizes they must judge them fairly. In general if anyone at AIAS / UPITEC thinks there should be more input of some kind, just let me now. Attached is an editable docx file and that can be used for additional material from potential nominators or simply from colleagues. This process seeks to accumulate nominations on behalf of high impact new science. If successful it will be all to the good, but nominations from really sincere and hard working scholars are as good as an award.

In a message dated 15/12/2016 13:56:05 GMT Standard Time, writes:

In connection with electrical engineering and Osamu Ide you could also mention UFT 321 where the Ide effect explained by ECE theory is used for a more advanced circuit design.


Am 15.12.2016 um 14:23 schrieb EMyrone:

This is an updated list of achievements for nominators. I will go through the list of medals and awards to find which are the most suitable. I will also ask for previous nominations to be rolled forward. I will be glad to act as nominator for others if they wish.


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