363(5): Exact Derivation of Orbital Precesion in Fluid Dynamics

This note demonstrates that fluid dynamics gives the precessing ellipse (38) in terms of the spin connection defined by Eq. (43). So orbital precession is due to the Eulerian fluid dynamics function (43), the displacement function partial R sub r / partial r of the aether, spacetime or vacuum. This is a fundamentally new vacuum effect to add to the radiative corrections of the vacuum. Subject to checking by computer and comment by co author Horst Eckardt and others I think that this is another major discovery of ECE2. It means that orbital theory can be thought of in terms of fluid dynamics. Orbital precession is due to the convective derivative, which introduces terms which give the exactly correct result (43). I will proceed to write up this result tomorrow and work on chapter seven of ECE on the weekend and early next week. The Binet equation of fluid dynamics is given in Eq. (22).


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