Discussion of Note 363(2)

OK many thanks, the spin connection components are very small in magnitude so it may be easier to proceed in a rough approximation by assuming that omega sup 1 sub 02 and omega sup 2 sub 01 are zero and proceeding as in previous approximations. I think that would be adequate to show precession. Your own approximation method could be used in the final paper.

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Eq.(17) can be solved analytically with constant spin connectin terms but gives a huge expression. The resulting r_P has been plotted but seems not to be meaningful because of negative radius. The jump at theta=pi seems to be from inverse trigonometric functions that would have to be handled individually. I guess that constant spin connection terms are no good approximation despite eq.(23).
The factor B(theta) appearing in eq.(20) ist mostly unity for small spin connection terms but has poles for theta=0, pi, 2pi. These poles come from zeros in the denominator of B, see last graph. It is not clear to me why these poles appear, giving no smooth transition to Newtonian theory at these angles. Perhaps the reason is that the spin connection should not be constant.


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This is given without approximation by Eq. (17), or in its differential format, Eq. (20), in terms of the Newtonian orbit. By choice of spin connections, any planar orbit can be generated by the effect of a fluid aether on the Newtonian orbit. Another method is given in Eq. (31), using Eqs. (25) and (26) suggested by protocol sent over by co author Horst Eckardt.


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