Spanish version of UFT 364

Many thanks to both colleagues: Alex Hill and Dave Burleigh. UFT364 is an important and precise replication of the Osamu Ide circuit, which demonstrates that it is possible to take energy from the ubiquitous spacetime in which we all live. The replication is part of Baconian science, which means that experiments must be reproducible in one laboratory and repeatable in another laboratory or laboratories. So what is needed now is patenting and mass production of these circuits, which can be applied in all kinds of ways. That will take a lot of hard work by dedicated people, and it needs support from governments and industry worldwide. The Osamu Ide circuit is explained precisely by Einstein Cartan Evans unified field theory in UFT311, which has been heavily studied for almost two years. The circuit has also been replicated in another laboratory in Japan. There is enough detail given in UFT364 for any good engineer to build the circuit. Energy from spacetime (or the “vacuum”) has been advocated for almost a century, but this is the first time that a precise theoretical understanding has been achieved, and the first time that a circuit has been replicated precisely. That is the result of years of hard work by AIAS / UPITEC and others around the world. The avant garde must be supported now by governments and major industry around the world. The profits of the oil companies are not threatened, because oil must be conserved for petrochemicals to make many products taken for granted by humankind. Those products are again the result of years of hard work by scientists. In view of the urgent need for new sources of energy, prizes and so on are no big deal, but I should think that there is already unanimous agreement that this work should be recognized by one or more Nobel Prizes and so on. The prizes cannot be tied perennially up in obsolete and useless string theory.

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Done today


On 12/7/2016 9:14 AM, Alex Hill (ET3M) wrote:

Hello Dave,

Please find enclosed the Spanish version of UFT 364, for posting.



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